Tarot Readings & Crystal Healing’s

#What’s Your Destiny?


Here at Tarot Readings & Crystal Healing’s we specialise in giving accurate psychic tarot readings and crystal healing services.

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Are you having communication problems?

Are you seeking guidance?

Do you feel like you have bad luck constantly?


Let me introduce myself, my name is Oliver.I am a highly experienced tarot reader I gain insight on my clients problems and the solutions to their problems through the power of the tarot cards. I have been practising tarot readings for over 15 years and have held charity events for great Ormond street hospital and the charity scope, I have also worked with several high profile Politician’s. And have been featured on the Premier League official global news channel making accurate prediction.

I was taught by my grandmother who was a psychic. I started learning Tarot Card reading at the age of just ten years old. After my grandmother passed I decided to take my card reading to another level to show her the respect I have for her. She helps me during my reads and is always by my side helping me see the future. Her talents and skills have been passed through to me.  I read daily for a large regular client base that I have which keeps me in tune with my spiritual ability.


I offer my valued customers a deep insight into to their problems, looking at the hidden influences behind the issues that they may not of thought about. I will delve into their subconscious and bring to light the answers to their questions. I will shed light around what they are looking for and predict the up and coming future passing on hope and prosperity.

I am highly experienced with tarot card readings. I use the cards to fuel my physic ability’s to search for the answers to other peoples questions. With sprites on my side guiding me to the answers I shall bring hope and reassurance to all.


I am a keep listener and like to lend an ear to anybody in need, I understand that talking to a stranger is sometimes much easier than talking to somebody that you know. With my spiritual abilities on board this makes a fantastic combination as not only will I hear and understand your problems I will be guided to help you learn how to correct these and find happiness. I am very friendly, I do not judge and am willing to talk to anybody.