18 Mar 2019

Fabulous. Thank you

Fabulous, im 100% impressed. Down to earth, and gets to the point. Would recommend. Helped me. I had so much negativity in me, but i feel im not that person i was before. Thank you Thank you Thank you



22 Aug 2018


Impressed! I’m a sceptic and had heard good things about Oliver so was very intrigued to go and see what its all about. I can honestly say that I was left very confused and impressed at the same time. Told me things no one knew about me other than myself, also told me what was going to happen in regards to a current situation I was in and I was left shocked when what he told me actually came to light 2 days later. I’m not one for all this hocus pocus stuff but what this guy told me was unbelievable and no way he could of known or predicted any of it. Really impressed. Definitely made me question a lot more things if life. Thanks Oliver. I will be back again soon.



20 Jul 2018

Like an old friend

I have many readings in the past few weeks with other readers. Today i called Oliver, he is the only one that knew the root of the problem without me informing him, also he is really easy to talk to and is genuine in his approach.Thanks Oliver you’ve really set my mind at rest. Thank you once again.



20 Jun 2018

The real deal

I have just back from tarot readings and crystal healings and I am absolutely shocked on how much Oliver knew about what was happening in my life. He knew names and dates of situations in my recent past. This guy is the real deal. Never could of expected the session to be as acurate as it was. Oliver is very talented. I would highly recommend this service



18 Jan 2018


Oliver is absolutely the best, the reading he gave me was exactly what I was looking for, the way he is with you makes you feel at ease, the guidance that he gives is so in tune. If you have chance to go! Please do!!! Thanks again Oliver!



12 Jan 2018

Thank You

Straight to the point, genuine, honest reader. Picked up on my situation straight away. Great sense of humour and very helpful. I saw reviews about Oliver on here and was waiting for him to come back! Couldn’t believe it when I saw him. Wasn’t disappointed. Thanks Oliver — you’ve given me hope.



06 Nov 2017

Great advice

I went to Oliver down about things he said that I would get what I want , he said it was all possible to Achieve what I want , he is a great and spot on reader thanks so much will definitely come back soon



10 Oct 2017


Just had a reading with Oliver, I found his honesty refreshing & if I’m completely honest, liberating. My reading wasn’t really the conclusion i had hoped for, nevertheless I guess I already knew that but confirmation means at least I can move forward & leave what’s passed in the pass. Oliver, I wish you all the best. You are a truly gifted tarot reader. Thank you for the reading.



23 Aug 2017

Just fantastic

I had a face to face reading with Oliver last night and he instantly knew what i was going through with out me even saying a word. It was amazing how he knew everything about each person involved. T)he guidance he has given me is pure and logical and makes complete sense of the best way to combat my problems. I would really like to thank you as i now feel i can get on with the rest of my life and also sleep better at night. I would highly recommend a reading at Tarot Reading’s and Crystal Healing’s. You won’t be disappointed!



19 Aug 2017


Fantastic. Oliver tells you as it is, felt like i was talking to one of my closet friends. He picked up on my situation with out asking any questions. Showed excellent guidance to push forward. Definitely a top rated recommendation.



10 Aug 2017

Straight forward


Oliver is great. Is spot on and knows the situation straight away. Very experienced and straight forward. Works with you to get to the heart of the issue and will tell you like it is. Great and honest reading.



09 Aug 2017

Spot on reading

Really good reader, gets straight to the answers of the questions you have for him and can read tarot cards amazingly well. Everything he said regarding my situation was spot on. Given me so much to think about after seeing everything from different angles only Oliver could give me the answers for. Also doesn’t sugar coat anything but is very friendly and can really hear he’s passionate about what he does.



08 Aug 2017

So accurate it’s unreal!

I have just come off a reading and boy was I blown away. Oliver was so accurate it’s unreal! Definitely not to be underestimated! He is brilliant and I hope he succeeds in helping many more people! Thank-you Oliver, your amazing!



05 Aug 2017

Very accurate reading

This is one of the best readings I’ve had. It was accurate in the people we were discussing and the situations of the past and present. I now have better clarity at hand and know the path I am to be kept on. Thank you for being so honest with me and not giving me ‘fluff’ like other readers. At least now I feel empowered and it’s my decision to carry on the way I see fit. I have more confidence in myself for the next time I see the past loves and don’t have to bow down to their way of how a relationship ought to be. Massive love and light to you!



23 Jun 2017


Oliver led me straight into the reading with a mirror image of my own gut feelings. Impressive! I asked a different question and the outcome of that was the one that I had hoped for. He is a gifted, down to earth guy who tells it how it is. A very wise head on relatively young shoulders. I’ll be paying attention to his recommendations over the coming months! Thank you for the reading. Ronnie



16 Nov 2015

Truly amazed

I visited Oliver earlier this week for the first time and i have to say what a truly amazing experience. I have been to see various other tarot readers but none of them have ever had as much insight into my life as Oliver. He could see things which were effecting me which no one else knew. He knew some of my secrets in life which shocked me how he knew so much about them. I would recommend Oliver to anybody seeking these services, He’s got character and makes you feel at peace.



22 Sep 2013

Excellent Tarot reading


I went to see Oliver having discovered his service via an internet search engine. He gave me an extremely accurate tarot reading and identified a sensitive area in my life which rather than nipping in the bud, I chose to ignore for a considerable amount of time.
Not only has Oliver given me a great sense of hope, but certainly guided me towards the correct course of action in my present circumstances.



19 Sep 2013

Accurate Reading with Great Advice

I went for a tarot reading at Tarot Readings & Crystal Healings and was surprised how accurate the reading was. I couldn’t believe what Oliver could see in my present circumstances and I hadn’t even spoken a word to him. He predicted my future for the next 6 months and to be honest he was correct. I went back today for my second reading and I would recommend this service to anybody. Friendly and insightful and left feeling very confident.